Top 10 Colleges with History and Law Programs in the United States

In this article, I would like to enumerate the highest ranked universities with history and law programs. The order in which they are presented illustrates their rankings, as well. Let’s proceed!

Yale University

Yale University is acknowledged as being one of the very best universities that provide law programs, in the world. One may choose from four degree-granting programs, namely the J.D. program – a three-year course, the LL. M. – a course of study designated for J.D. graduates who want to take up law teaching, the J.S.D. program – which is targeted for LL. M. graduates, and the M.S.L program.

Harvard University

Yearly, more than 1900 students go to Harvard Law School, which facilitates three distinct degree programs. The first one is the J.D., which lasts for three years, setting the foundation for legal study. Students with legal training and experience can opt for the one-year LL.M program, while the S.J.D. is for those who want to pursue a more advanced degree.

Stanford University

Stanford Law School is known worldwide for its dynamic JD program. Additionally, the university has created a unique learning environment, which is one of the things that make it a leading research university. Students can choose from the three one-year master’s degree programs, as well as a doctoral degree targeted for foreign graduate students who’ve earned their degree outside the US.

Columbia University

Moving on, Columbia University supplies the Juris Doctor (J. D.) program, which lasts for three years. Meanwhile, the LL.M. program is a full-time program, of one year, which allows students to specialize in distinct fields. Yearly, the university enrolls about 210 LL.M. students coming from 50 countries.

New York University

New York University is one of the first schools that admitted women, being a leader in the law field, among many other things. The Graduate Division provides both specialized and general master of laws programs, as well as Advanced Professional Certificates.

University of California Berkeley

Berkley Law facilitates outstanding education in emerging and established fields of law alike. That is not all, the university was one of the first that supported the green movement, by creating the first environmental law program. As a result, it comes as no surprise that it is one of the most selective universities based in the United States, choosing only 270 out of the total of 7,000 applicants.

University of Chicago

Recently, the University of Chicago Law School has reached its 100th anniversary. The typical curriculum of the Law School is available to candidates who have a Bachelor’s degree. Additionally, the class for the JD program is restricted to 190 students. There are also two graduate degrees at master’s level, namely the Master of Laws and Master of Comparative Law.

University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania is definitely worth noting, as well, especially in the law field. There is a full-time program dedicated to applicants who wish to pursue the first professional degree in law, as well as the typical graduate degrees.

University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

The Law School from the University of Michigan supplies four graduate options, as well as the three-year Juris Doctor. The Law School takes on about 1100 students from the United States and abroad; nonetheless, the graduate degree programs are small, irrespective of the significantly high number of yearly applicants.

Duke University

The Duke University of Law allows students to pursue a dual-degree. These programs aim at introducing law graduates to the way in which the legal system functions in the US, whilst allowing students to pursue a successful career in law.

Now you know which are the top, highly ranked universities in the United States, which provide law and history programs. Of course, there are many other schools that are worth noting, this being a brief list only.