How to Write an Essay: 7 Tips for A Level Students

Writing an essay can be a hard task for some students, but I believe this happens because they don’t have a clear structure in mind guiding them through the basics. Therefore, in this article, I will try and give you some valuable tips that may help you feel less overwhelmed by such a task.

What is an essay?

First of all, you must understand what an essay really is. Because some of you don’t know what an essay stands for, you tend to start throwing words in your paper that don’t really help your final result.

An essay is a large project, that has a defined structure, in which you are told to demonstrate or write about a certain subject. Usually, it comes with a minimum and maximum amount of words too.

What are you writing about?

One of the biggest mistakes many of the students do is not answering the correct question regarding their essay’s main theme. Before starting to write something, be sure to understand what the examiner really wants you to write about. A good tip would be to refer to the question while formulating the answer because this way, you will surely understand what you have to write in your essay.

Thesis statement

Now that you know what you have to demonstrate in your essay, you must create a thesis statement. This statement will tell your reader the main idea of your essay. Usually, a thesis statement has two parts. In the first part, you will write about the topic of your future essay, while the second part tries to prove that thesis.

The introduction

A good introduction should offer the reader a precise idea of what you are going to talk about in the next paragraphs. It is not recommended to go into much detail in your introduction, because it can bore the reader and then your essay will lose its quality. So, try and captivate your reader’s attention with short sentences that tie up with your thesis statement and include them in your conclusion, as well.

The body

This is the part of your essay where you will have to describe and explain your ideas. It is important to understand how paragraphs work here. Every single main idea that you try to describe should begin a separate paragraph in the body of your essay. Each separate paragraph of your body should have the same structure.

Therefore, write the main idea as an introduction to your paragraph. After that, write every supporting idea and demonstrate it in a few lines by using relative information.

The conclusion

For the conclusion, you must think about the arguments and ideas that you talked about in your essay. Decide what aspect is the strongest and give it as an example. You can also try and justify why it is more important than others.

Be original

It’s always good to be yourself. Try to be yourself in your essay too and let your personality transpire. Write from your own perspective and don’t rely only on your sources of information. An essay with an objective personal opinion is always more credible than the others.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, while your essay should follow a certain structure, it is important to understand how to take advantage of it. A good introduction followed by great ideas supported by research and a strong conclusion will make your essay special.