Welcome to my blog! When I first started law school, I was clueless regarding the direction my career would take. Of course, I took on law school because I was passionate about law, history, and I truly wanted to make a difference. And I believe that being motivated regarding your career choice is to key to succeeding.

Aside from that, being determined and reckoning the importance of each academic assignment is just as important. That is not all, of course – networking plays a crucial part, as well, as it allows students to get relevant experience in their realm. Still, my path to where I am today was far from being easy. I often got discouraged and felt the urge to leave everything behind and do something easier.

However, I realized that one of the ways of coping with those moments was by starting out a blog. In a way, talking to other people that experience the same things I have could be encouraging, on some level. And I was so right. Not only that, through this blog, I got the chance to help other students dealing with the same problems, but I got some great advice as well.

I got acquainted with a range of practical studying techniques, as well as other hacks that seriously made everything easier. That’s how communication can help us – we can use our knowledge and experience in order to become better at what we do. And this blog’s purpose is to encourage, guide and inform law students who are struggling, in one way or another. I am hopeful that this blog will offer insight regarding the skills that will help you through law school, and what you should do in order to achieve your goals.

That being said, if you are devoted to going down this law path, you should be ready to face the difficulties that come with the territory – because they are plentiful. And I believe this blog could help in this respect. The posts cover in-depth subjects regarding politics, history, and law – hopefully, you’ll consider them insightful and useful.