Homework Answers

Q1. P6

So there are examples of homework tasks. First answer is… The rate at which the citizens of the United States of America are engaged in political issues has seen a great increase compared to what happened in previous years. Americans have embraced different platforms to ensure that their political voices are heard through expressing their opinions in public forums like blogs, media and social networking sites. This contrasts to previous years where the political arena was only left to the elite members of the society with the rest of the populace only left to express their views through voting.

The internet can be used as a tool of increasing the extents of political participation among Americans. This is attributed to its high interactive capacity which allow for conducting multiple political activities like blogging and access to political information. A part from this, political debates in media like social networks, radio stations and television programs can aid in stirring public engagement.

Q.2 P16

Deliberation in good faith means putting the common interests of a group into consideration with the aim of reaching a collective solution. While it does not call for complete objectivity, deliberation in good faith embraces democracy. In this case, an individual may be passionate of their political stands but still deliberate in good faith with the guidance of the principles of democracy.

Q.3 P17

Responsible citizen speakers must embrace honesty and truth in their speech. This brings out the fact that they are genuinely considerate of their listeners’ wellbeing. A part from this, responsible citizen speakers uphold respectful dialogue through considering the rights of their listeners by considering their interests. It is the role of responsible citizen speakers to respect their audiences’ diversity putting into consideration factor like age, gender and societal beliefs.

Public speaking in a democracy is bound to legal and ethical considerations.  Ethical considerations include talking responsibly while examining one’s motives and accuracy in their acquisition and presentation of information. Legally, public speakers are bound to the responsibilities that revolve around the rights and freedoms of speech.

Q.4 P17

Some of the significant ethical concerns of public speaking in a democracy include examination of motives, being bound to the moral concerns of the group being addressed and consideration of social distribution of the audience. Therefore, speaking ethically means getting the desired points across an audience in honestly; without exploiting or manipulating the people being addressed.

Q.5 P35

Some of the barriers to effective listening include prejudice, preconceived ideas and possession of closed minds. I have experienced such barriers in public speaking forums. However, I have endeavored to curb them in a number of ways. Embracing all speakers with little regard of their social statuses, religion, gender and accent has helped me tackle prejudice. Embracing the spirit of being open minded to other people’s ideas even when I don’t agree has helped me curb preconceived ideas.  Open mindedness has helped me appreciate the fact that other people can think about something in different ways. This has assisted me in eliminating a closed mindset about different aspects of life.

Q.6 P38

Being a critical listener means having the ability of getting what other people say with a lot of seriousness and attention. To achieve this, one must be prepared to listen and contribute to the ideas of the speaker.

Q.7 P.54

Some of the factors contributing to a speaker’s anxiety include poor planning, negative self-talk and inadequate socializing. In one instance, my mind went blank due to inadequate speech planning. To tackle this issue, I took some time to engage with the audience while recalling the necessary points.

Q.8 P60

I have embraced positive thinking and socialization as strategies of increasing my speaking confidence. Positive thinking has helped me influence my audience towards being attentive through encouragements.  Socialization has given me the experience of interacting with people. This has helped me do away with social fears.

Q.9 P69

To explore significant topics of public concern, I have developed the habit of looking into the most discussed issues on social media platforms like Facebook and twitter. I attribute this to the fact that these are the most widely used social platforms all over the world. Further, Facebook and twitter are not bound to age limitations and give room for people from all walks of life to express themselves.

Q.10 P97

Public speaking is for different purposes.  First, it is meant to persuade the audience towards a certain social course. For instance, politicians may take advantage of public speaking to persuade the electorate to vote in their favor. Second, it may be used for ceremonial functions in which people are honored for their achievements. Lastly, public speaking plays the role of informing audiences in different scenarios. For instance, a nutritionist may take advantage of such an avenue to inform his audience on the advantages of healthy feeding.

Q.11 P101

Specific purpose refers to the underlying reasons for delivery of a speech to the audience of target. Every public speaker needs to have a specific purpose because of the role it plays in guiding how the speech will be delivered while aiding in the elimination of conflicts of interest. As a public speaker, I have made use of guiding points to evaluate my specific purpose. A single speech may have multiple purposes depending on the topic being tackled and the audience. For instance, a person speaking on the importance of elections could also incorporate issues of peace in the same speech.

Q.12 P103

A thesis statement is a declarative clause that wraps up the topic of speech. It acts as the back bone of the speech. A speaker must develop a thesis statement as a way of ensuring that he remains relevant and within the topics and objectives of discussion.